Improve Budgeting & Forecasting Skills

Budget & Forecasting Skills

“Excellent presentation & really gave me food for thought.” – NHS, Midlands

Business professionals are often expected to produce & manage significant budgets with little or no training.

This inter-active one-day course provides a practical approach to budgets & forecasts, including how to produce them and how to drive improved performance as a result of them.

By the end of this training programme, you will be able to:

  • Ascertain how to use budgets and forecasts to plan for future growth & success
  • Take your budgeting & forecasting skills to the next level
  • Implement a slick and efficient budgeting process
  • Compile your budget using all internal & external sources available to you
  • Compare alternative scenarios
  • Stress test your budget
  • Present & communicate your budget for maximum impact and success
  • Motivate & energise your staff with your budget
  • Monitor performance against plan & stay firmly on track to achieve your growth aspirations
  • Know when to take appropriate corrective action
  • Continuously improve your planning process year on year

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