Finance Business Partner 6-Month Programme

Finance Business Partner 6 Month Programme

Programme Modules

1. From Bean Counter to Business Partner®

Duration: Half day introduction
Content: What you need to ‘be’ and ‘do’ as a finance business partner in your organisation

Set clear objectives & get excited about this programme!

2. Communicating Financial Information Effectively

Duration: One-day
Content: You can be the best accountant in the world but unless you can communicate your numbers in a clear and concise way, your non-financial colleagues will never know how great you are!

3. Strategic Thinking for Finance Professionals

Duration: One-day
Content: A 6-step model to help you think more strategically as part of your business partnering journey + how fits into strategic planning.

4. Commercial Nous & Adding Value as a Finance Professional

Duration: One-day
Content: Tools to help you think more widely and broadly about ‘where the beans are grown’ in your org & industry + make the link between your numbers and commercial reality.

5. Relationship Building & Influencing

Duration: One-day
Content: Really understanding life from THEIR point of view & using this to help you influence.  Incl. personality profiling.

6. Mindfulness & Personal Resilience

Duration: Half-day (morning)
Content: Deal more effectively with life & work’s challenges in a more mindful and empowering way and use tools and techniques that can be easily interwoven into your daily life.

7. Fulfilling Your Potential!

Duration: Half day (afternoon)
Content: Dynamic & fun final session.

Action planning with guidance & motivation to focus ambitions to be BEST FBP you can be!


  • Weekly refresher emails after each module to further embed the learning
  • Challenge of the Month: clear actions for each individual to take after each session
  • Accountability to make positive changes using a Buddy system
  • Diary to record and track progress being made
  • Success stories at the start of each session & throughout the programme

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