Writing Effective Financial Reports

“The whole day was superbly presented, well planned, well executed with a very good balance between listening & interaction. I would highly recommend to anyone.” – NHS, Gatwick

Writing Effective Financial Reports

Being able to write clear and professional financial reports that are easily understood and meet the needs of your readers is a crucial skill for those in financial roles.

This highly practical and engaging one-day workshop will equip you to write such reports and present financial & technical data in a clear and compelling way.

By the end of this event, you will be able to:

  • Plan and structure your financial reports effectively
  • Understand and adapt to the needs of your readers
  • Use easy to remember tools to ensure all elements are included in your reports
  • De-jargonise the ‘techie’ bits!
  • Present data, charts and figures in a clear and compelling way
  • Write effective reports for business cases

Suitable for:

  • Finance professionals who would welcome writing & presenting more effective and professional reports, especially the financial elements.

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