Firstly, thank you for an inspiring session on last week’s training course. I found it very useful. I’m glad I signed up for these refresher emails. These reminders are perfect for focussing and keeping inspired.
- Wendy, London
Some excellent ideas to take back and use in the work place.
- Lisa, Shropshire
Just wanted to say how inspirational your course was this week.  I haven't heard anyone present in such an engaging way as you, the time just went!
- Christine, Leeds
Thank you Andi!  You made something my accountant has been trying to explain for NINE YEARS easy to understand!!! :-)  
- Joy, WLA Webinar
Excellent training and delivery, really enjoyed the day.  Reminds me of the business partner I want to be and inspires me to improve my techniques.
- Claire, Durham
Andi was an excellent presenter, extremely engaging and the way activities were mixed helped keep it exciting.  Feeling inspired.
- Fiona, Durham
The training was perfect!  No improvement possible.
- Kristina, Munich
Go on this way.  Brilliant!  This style - perfect!
- AnneMarie, Munich
Trainer was absolutely excellent.
- Kodjo, Runcorn
Brilliant course, easy to understand.  Excellent communication skills - delivery was understandable and fun!
- Emma, Runcorn
Andi is an excellent trainer.  Her enthusiasim was infectious and made the entire course enjoyable.
- David, Edinburgh
Thorough, friendly & fun environment created by Andi - thanks!
- Eddie, Runcorn
Fantastic trainer.  Managed to make extremely enjoyable a topic that could initially come across as boring.
- Mica, Dublin
Brilliant engaging trainer, clearly passionate about imparting knowledge to others.
- NHS, Newbury
Andi was a very good trainer, incredibly enthusiastic and made finance fun!  Adapted anecdotes well to articulate points.
- Claire, London
Excellent tutor, I would recommend her to anyone.
- Ian, Manchester
Thanks for making numbers fun!
- Jonny, York
Brilliant trainer in Andi - very enthusiastic, engaging, patient & dealt with questions very well.
- Nikki, High Wycombe
Outstanding!  Very engaging.  Would definitely recommend to colleagues.
- Rebecca, East Grinstead
Great pace and energy from Andi.  Empowering!  Thanks so much Andi!
- Sue, Keighley
Excellent content.  Style of delivery is one of the best I have experienced.
- NHS, Durham
Very impressed with Andi.  She clearly knows her stuff and tailored the content and style of delivery to suit the audience very well.
- Rich, Leeds
A technique-packed session in a well-presented, supportive environment
- Andrew, Brighouse
Fabulous course, excellent delivery and pace, amazing knowledge!
- Stephen, Rochdale
Really enjoyed the level of interaction and the numerous quotes to back up learning, fantastic!  Cannot wait to use on my colleagues!
- Katie, Preston
This was by far the best workshop I attended - Andi was excellent.
- AAT Conference Delegate, Reading
Never met such an excellent tutor - she had done an amazing job on us all.
- Care UK, Manchester
It was by far the best course I have been on in a long time.
- Christine, West Yorkshire
Delivery was excellent, very passionate about subject and this helped to stay engaged throughout.  Practical exercises helped understand points.
- Tamanna, Birmingham
Andi was full of energy and really motivated me to feel that I can do this!
- Laura, Liverpool
Excellent course, really enjoyed your enthusiasm.  ('From Bean Counter to Business Partner' workshop helped with) motivation, rapport building and looking at the bigger picture.
- Lynne, Liverpool
Motivating course, will improve skillset and confidence.
- Karen, Salford
Andi's total enthusiasm for the topic and engagement was TOTALLY infectious!  It made such a difference to our learning and I felt confident in asking questions.  I think her approach made the group gel very quickly so we learnt a great deal from each other quickly as we all felt confident and able to be completely honest about what we did and didn't know.
- Care UK Delegate, Colchester
"Andi was fantastic. She was a very good listener and very supportive. Fantastic training was provided."
- Manjit, Leeds
"I was enlightened enjoyed the finance course, it was a real eye-opener. Well presented, Andi was very enthusiastic & approachable"
- Chris, Leeds
"Training was excellent. Enoyable course. Brilliant. Thank you."
- Amanda, Crewe
"Really enjoyed the training and Andi is great in her knowledge and delivery. Would recommend for future training."
- Vicki, Birmingham
"Excellent delivery, real life examples a-plenty. Thought the course was excellent, exceeded my expectations."
- Jon, Bradford
"Idiots guide to finance, enabling me to influence decisions & understand finance better"
- Mark, Bradford
"I really enjoyed the session , very engaging, simple & really beneficial."
- Patrick, York
"Andi was absolutely fantastic and enthusiastic all the way through. She knows her subject."
- Priya, London
"Very engaging course. I found it extremely informative, it will help with my current position & I now have greater confidence in discussing financial statements."
- Rod, Coventry
Andi's energy was fabulous in what could be a very dry subject.  Thank you.
- Chris, Fife
Andi was amazing.  Putting things across clearly in a format easy to understand.  Infectious & Interactive :-)  
- Zaahid, Telford
Excellent.  Effective course, very well presented.  Thanks.
- NHS, Cardiff
It has inspired me to focus more on my career.
- GFA Delegate, London
Motivating content.
- GFA Delegate, London
Excellent course - presented at right level - great interaction.
- Jackie, Gatwick
Excellent course, really informative and helpful!
- NHS, Gatwick
Loved the content and the enthusiasm of the trainer.  Andi is very motivational.
- Sheron, Gatwick
Brilliant course.  Very interactive.  Kept me engaged all day.
- Tracey, Gatwick
Excellent course and good participation from group that put it into context.
- Linda, Gatwick
Enjoyed as was inspiring.
- Matt, Gatwick
Loved it!
- Jim, Gatwick
Brilliant!  Thanks a lot.  I got keen to do my CIMA course now.
- Sushant, London
Great with the mini workshops and interactive sessions.
- Sarah, Wakefield
Very engaging course.
- Neil, Yorkshire
Very professional and competent.
- Perry, Yorkshire
Fantastic course.  Should be provided to all NHS staff.
- Shameem, Wakefield
Excellent materials/content & delivery.  Enjoyed it!
- Ken, NHS North West
Very upbeat.  Good mix of activities.
- Dawn, NHS North West
Really enjoyed content and delivery.  Even interaction not intimidating.
- Gillian, Durham
Enthusiastic & engaging.
- Wendy, Durham
Enjoyed the day very much.  Will consider the feelings/thoughts of others more.
- Andrew, Durham
Excellent content.  Great style of delivery.  Maintained interest in topic.
- NHS, Durham
Excellent session.  Would encourage colleagues to attend.
- NHS, Durham
Interesting course delivered at a manageable pace.  Thank you. 10/10.
- Amy, Bromley
Superb delivery from an obvious expert with good relevant stories and great energy.
- Roger, Bromley
Thank you - great trainer.  Re-energised.
- NHS, Nottingham
Very informative and great exercises.  Great varied delivery.
- Catherine, Durham
Great level of enthusiasm.
- RES Group Delegate, Hertfordshire
Very enthusiastic trainer who kept my interest in what could otherwise have been a dry subject.
- RES Group Delegate, Hertfordshire
It was truly hand on and interactive hence very stimulating and engaging.
- NHS, London
Andi is very engaging.  She is great at delivering the content.
- Paula, Durham
Andi was excellent - engaging throughout the day and never lost the groups attention.
- Daniel, Durham
Very enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, good variation of practical and tutorial.
- Keith, Durham
Great, friendly delivery.
- Helen, Durham
I very much enjoyed your instructional style and your breadth of knowledge, which coupled with your vast experience brought the subject to life.  Your enthusiasm was infectious.
- Barry, Manchester
Andi is a fantastic tutor!  I look forward to the next course!
- Evan, Edinburgh
I really enjoyed the day and feel it has been very beneficial, very happy.  (Credit Control Skills)
- Jess, Leeds
Excellent content & delivery.
- Angela, Wakefield
Really energetic.  Kept audience interested all the time.
- Lyndsey, Wakefield
Great, friendly, engaging presentation.
- Louise, Wakefield
Very much enjoyed the course and Andi's delivery.
- Mireia, Dublin
Andi was extremely enthusiastic and really helpful.
- NHS, Crewe
Andi Lonnen was very engaging and made the day fun, interesting and a great use of tim.
- NHS, Crewe
A very worthwhile course, good content and very informative.
- NHS, Newbury
Andi is very engaging and enthusiastic.  Having an informed, experienced trainer makes a huge difference to the value-added and confidence gained from this course - thank you.
- Amy, London
Far more interesting day than I had anticipated.
- NHS, Birmingham
Sensible and organised.
- NHS, Birmingham
Very relaxed and inter-active.
- NHS, Birmingham
Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly
- NHS, Birmingham
Really enjoyed the training.  Andi was really engaging.  Thanks.
- Stuart, Reading
Course was both fun and informative.  Very enjoyable 2 days and very well presented. 10/10.
- Tony, Winnersh
Excellent presentation.  I found it really useful and the pace was right.
- NHS, Crewe
Excellent, really enjoyable.
- Catherine, Crewe
Andi's style of delivery is great - the mini working in groups & questions helped to think/contribute to the day.
- Asi, Crewe
Great course, pitched at exactly the right level for the delegates and presented in an interesting and engaging way.  Thank you!
- Matt, Nottingham
Training was really well delivered and tailored to our specific needs.  The trainer also made the training great fun!
- Gavin, Nottingham
Brilliant course - thank you!
- Marie, High Wycombe
Wish it was 2 days so I could learn more finances as its very interesting.
- Leah, Eastleigh
Excellent delivery, thank you - confident and flowing.
- Lauren, Maidstone
Excellent, well informed workshop!
- Jonathan, Gatwick
Very enjoyable course, extremely well delivered.  Helped me by articulating a lot of concepts.
- Mike, Gatwick
Andi's method/style was both engaging and interesting.  Really enjoyed the course.
- Michelle, Gatwick
A very practical course.  Time flew by.
- Chris, Crawley
Fabulous session!
- Heather, Keighley
Excellent presentation, approach & style
- Lisa, Leeds
Very enjoyable - good mix of practical instruction and doing/talking workshop.
- Alison, Reading
The presentation was very strong.
- NHS, Reading
Good fun - will take many suggestions on board.
- NHS, Reading
A very useful and well-presented course.
- NHS, Reading
Great day, really helpful!  Will recommend to others.  Thank you.
- NHS, Reading
Enjoyed the day.  Some very useful takeaways that will be of immediate benefit.
- NHS, Reading
Very well balanced with inter-action and exercises.
- Sarah, Reading
Engaging style - pertinent anecdotes
- Jonathan, Reading
Thoroughly enjoyed the course - one of the best attended!  Clear and understandable.
- Sue, Durham
Great presentation style, thank you, I really enjoyed the day.
- NHS, Durham
I enjoyed the course very much and have a lot of new ideas to take back to the work environment.
- Jo, Durham
The delivery was excellent.  A really useful and valuable course.
- NHS, Durham
Very comprehensive and easy to follow, full of useful tips.
- Tasnim, Brighouse
Style of delivery was very good - it didn't feel intimidating at all.
- NHS, Leyland
Very engaging & learnt loads!
- NHS, Preston
Andi did a fantastic job in delivery and was engaging.
- NHS Finance, Gatwick
I found your keynote on the delivery of financial information to be very informative & intriguing.  I particularly enjoyed the interaction with the audience and I will be taking tips from your method of communication and details from your session. (NHS North West Student Conference)
- Samuel, Kendal
Andi is a great trainer who I will not have problems recommending to others.
- Jon, Birmingham
A great overview of finance.  Andi was very helpful and enthusiastic which added to my enjoyment.  I would look at using again for other employees in the future.
- Alex, Bridgenorth
Enjoyable and friendly delivery, dispelled any nerves I had about the content of the course being beyond my understanding.
- James, Keighley
Excellent presentation, a thoroughly enjoyable day.
- James, Blackpool
Andi was great and made everything easy to understand.
- Zara, Birmingham
Lovely, lively and interactive
- Andrea, Liverpool
Brilliant course, kept focused all day.
- Laura, Merseyside
Very good delivery, kept everyone engaged throughout the day.
- Maria, Liverpool
Excellent course, well presented, good use of experience.  Would recommend to others!
- Martyn, Weston-Super-Mare
The trainer was very knowledgeable and made the entire course not only do-able but enjoyable
- Care UK Delegate, Colchester
"Andi Lonnen - just excellent really.  Friendly and approachable, made a maths subject interesting and more importantly understandable."
- Care UK Delegate, Colchester
"Thanks for a great course. I found the course very useful, providing me with lots of new info, re-aligning some current practise & validating others. I would happily recommend it to others for its energy and currency."
- Mark, Leeds
"Very good knowledge, lots of anecdotes that make it easier to understand."
- Brad, Leeds
"Very good course for non-finance"
- Tahira, Bradford
"The session was very informative and Andi did an excellent presentation."
- Lisa, Bingley
"Thanks for your excellent presentation, I gained a great deal from it, much more than I was anticipating."
- Mark, Barnsley
"Andi was very organised and managed each session to an amazing standard."
- Leeds Met student
"I really enjoyed the day, very useful"
- Kate, Gloucester
"This program is pitched & delivered just at the right level - hit the mark for me!"
- Chris, Bingley
"Excellent course thank you Andi!"
- John, London
Fantastic trainer who motivates whole class and kept everyone's interest throughout, excellent use of activities to help understanding and develop skills.
- NHS, London
Andi excelled at invigorating everyone!  The event went incredibly well and early feedback from the attendees has been very positive.
- GFA (Govt Finance Academy), London
Energised, upbeat, interesting.  Not too fast, able to ask questions and recap.  (I will now) be more confident, feel less of a fraud.
- Mel, Keighley
Excellent energy, bubbly and fun presenter.  Kept the energy high and engaged.
- RES Group Delegate, Hertfordshire
Extremely useful and can see many ways that this training will be beneficial in the workplace.
- Rachel, Durham
I very much enjoyed your instructional style and your breadth of knowledge which coupled with your vast experience brought the subject to life.  Your enthusiasm was infectious.
- Barry, Manchester
Very interactive and very well delivered.  Excellent!
- Sabesh, Munich
Andi, keep going, you are energetic and brilliant, inspiring us to participate.
- Andrea, Munich
Very effective course for explaining the basics of finance.  Excellent, knowledgeable and entertaining trainer.
- Mark, Runcorn
Andi was a fantastic and knowledgeable trainer.  Thank you!
- Nick, London
This was one of the best training days I have attended in years and it was great that everyone was at ease and fully participated.
- Tracey, Horsham
Superbly delivered an interactive and interesting course.  Andi brought it to life.
- Sean, Dublin
Was great to have a knowledgeable trainer with real-world experience and expertise along with a strong ability to communicate concepts.
- Andrew, Dublin
Trainer was FANTASTIC - I've never met anyone with such a passion for finance.  Her enthusiasm was infectious!!  Exceeded expectations!
- Curtis, London
Excellent course, professionally delivered, with a smile!
- James, Halifax
Really enjoyed the way the trainer brought the subject to life.
- Mark, Manchester
Very engaging session - pitched at the right level and started some genuine conversations about better financial management within the company.
- Emma, High Wycombe
Excellent content and delivery, constantly engaging and the day flew by.
- Jim, Gatwick
If you run a business and wonder why you never seem to have any cash, you need to do this workshop.  I had some real 'light-bulb' moments!
- Mark, York
Delivery and presentation FAB!  Interactive and engaging.  Great day, thank you!
- Liz, Reading
Brilliant!  Very knowledgeable trainer & perfectly explained.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thoughts.
- Helen, Leeds
Thoroughly enjoyable, very relevant, useful & thought-provoking
- Mark, Brighouse
Andi Lonnen - a truly natural speaker of great talent who kept us all enthralled about finance of all things!
- Ilkley Business Forum
Excellent content on course.  Delivered in a really professional, clear & engaging manner.
- NHS, Leyland
A highly enjoyable and informative session with an excellent presenter (thanks to Andi) and excellent engagement from all the delegates.
- NHS, Gatwick
Very informative, format/content very good - trainer exceptional
- Care UK, Manchester
Andi was a brilliant trainer, very informative, knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the subject matter.  She brought the topic alive.
- Care UK, Manchester
Excellent training that has motivated me to work towards implementing this role in the organisation.
- Carol, Leeds
Andi's balance of theoretical and practical experience provided a fantastic foundation for exploiting discussions and interactions of thought.  Excellent, thank you.
- John, Halifax
Andi had a great style of teaching, built up excellent rapport with all delegates and had a great interaction with all.  Fun and interesting to listen & work with!
- Jonathan, Morecambe
Excellent course delivery, good pace for the day.  ('From Bean Counter to Business Partner' workshop) helped with motivation and confidence.
- Jennifer, Stockport
It was excellent.  Thanks Andi, thoroughly enjoyed the day!
- Phillippa, Birmingham
"Andi was very engaging & actually managed to make finance sound fun! (no idea how!)"
- Veronica, Bradford
"I really enjoyed the course. Andi was very helpful and friendly. I'm much more confident now."
- Jayne, Manchester
"Andi was very enjoyable to listen to. She had a full understanding and knowledge of finance."
- Sharon, Glasgow
"Finance for idiots - perfect!"
- Dan, Ripley
"Great pace, great trainer, making finance interesting. Thanks Andi!"
- Andy, London
"Excellent course, well presented - great understanding of the basics of accounting"
- Simon, Telford
"Excellent trainer."
- Tam, Edinburgh
"Great to hear financial info in an interesting & energetic environment. Great delivery - thank you!"
- Suzanne, Ilkley
"Thoroughly enjoyed the interactive element and being able to relate my role in the firm to the course content."
- Ben, Newcastle
Great presenter.  Pitched it well and made it fun.  I've been on many courses like this and this is the first not to feel patronising or judgemental - just very informative.  Thank you!
- Jane, Fife
So many points that I can take back into the workplace and apply to add value.
- Sarah, Telford
Excellent, very engaging and aimed at the right level.
- NHS, Cardiff
ACCA Women's South East Panel would like to thank Andi Lonnen for delivering such an energetic and interactive session on Saturday.
Feeling positive about what I do when I left the conference.
- GFA Delegate, London
Top notch.
- Joe, Gatwick
Effective and very enjoyable course - even the presentation!
- Joanne, Gatwick
Very good training.  Interactive, engaging and full of humour.
- Sade, Gatwick
Well thought out content and exercises.  Very enthusiastic in the topics and presentation.
- Sarhi, Gatwick
- Sheetal, Gatwick
Very relevant content and interactive workshop.
- Andy, Gatwick
Andi was great - very enthusiastic and actually has a finance background which helped.
- Alexandra, Gatwick
Very interesting and useful training.  Relevant to my role in NHS.
- Sabina, Gatwick
The trainer was excellent.  10/10.
- Rita, London
Very good delivery.  Enjoyable.
- Samantha, Wakefield
Excellent content & delivery.
- Anne, Yorkshire
Excellent, engaging delivery.  Fun and informative.
- Victoria, Yorkshire
Very good, found it very useful and interesting.
- Gillian, Wigan
Really useful course, well delivered with good techniques and take aways.
- NHS, North West
Excellent course - very informative and enjoyable.  Thank you.
- Helen, Durham
Well presented - kept me engaged all day.
- NHS, Durham
Loved it, well done.  Great delivery, very positive approach.
- Linsey, Durham
The fact that Andi has a finance background helps with relating the topic to finance staff.
- Anne, Durham
Very enjoyable and made me think about the style and not just content of presentations.
- Darren, Durham
Very informative.
- George, Bromley
Very productive in how things were explained and how to reead accounts more efficiently to help tell a story of the business.  10/10.
- Lucy, Bromley
Great way to understand finance.  Highly recommended course.
- Ross, Runcorn
Very informative.  Lovely trainer with a friendly approach :-) . Kept it fun and interesting.
- NHS, Nottingham
Amazing level of enthusiasm, made it very interesting and enjoyable.
- RES Group Delegate, Hertfordshire
Very enthusiastic delivery.
- RES Group Delegate, Hertfordshire
Great delivery.  Went into the course with usual thoughts of 2 day course on finance but everything was perfect.  Thanks!
- RES Group Delegate, Hertfordshire
Excellent course, well delivered.  Great interaction with the group.
- Louise, Durham
Excellent course.  Highly recommended.
- Julie, Durham
Andi's knowledge of content was very impressive.  Tools and techniques will help me in future.  Good balance between theory and practical.  Enjoyed the day :-)
- Graham, Durham
Lovely and friendly approach.  Well measured content.  Good pace.  Thanks :-)  
- Kris, Durham
Very engaging & brought finance to life, made the subject enjoyable.
- Clare, Runcorn
Very engaging and brought finance to life, made the subject enjoyable.
- Clare, Runcorn
Andi was very professional and was able to connect training to my activities which helped understanding.  Work with her again when needed!
- Christophe, Cheltenham
Excellent delivery - good mix of talking and doing.
- Joann, Wakefield
Great delivery in an informal relaxing way.
- Janet, Wakefield
Enjoyable, inter-active day without causing embarrassment or being put on the spot.
- Melanie, Wakefield
Great trainer, thanks for making it enjoyable.
- Louise, Runcorn
Delivery of course was excellent and made a dry subject very interesting.
- Vinny, Dublin
Andi's style of training is fab.
- NHS, Crewe
Well structured, very informative, very good group workshops, motivational, enjoyable and fun!
- NHS, Newbury
Andi was an excellent, engaged presenter.
- NHS, Newbury
Andi is a very clear trainer and makes the training enjoyable.
- Christina, London
Very engaging and interesting.
- NHS, Birmingham
Excellent facilitation
- NHS, Birmingham
Enthusiastic, engaging, made the subject enjoyable.
- NHS, Birmingham
The course exceeded my expectations.
- Stef, Winnersh
Great course.  Well delivered.  Exceeded expectations.
- Daisy, Winnersh
Great course, enjoyed it immensely.
- Andrea, Crewe
Fantastic & engaging delivery.  Really enjoyed it, thanks.
- NHS, Crewe
Excellent course, really useful for my role.  Would recommend to colleagues.
- Michaela, Crewe
The tutor has given practical examples and helped us to understand a subject which we felt very nervous about.  I feel very confident and comfortable.
- Suresh, Nottingham
Very enjoyable course that has helped me to understand finance a lot more.  Great pace and a trainer who was very engaging and willing to be flexible.
- Mark, Nottingham
Andi is a great trainer - very personable and explains things well to those with no idea (without being patronising) and is very engaging!
- Grace, High Wycombe
Andi was a great trainer.
- Jan, High Wycombe
Brilliant, made it very easy to take in.
- Lisa, Hampshire
Great course, well presented and delivered - it all made perfect sense.
- Marion, Gatwick
The session flowed well, none seemed to drag.  I found it both helpful and enjoyable.
- NHS, Gatwick
Excellent delivery, very engaging.  Good level of group activity and presentations.
- Clare, Gatwick
Excellent - varied and energetic presentation.  Empathetic!
- NHS, Gatwick
Great tutor.  Would recommend this training.
- Richard, York
Informative, enjoyable workshop.
- Sharon, Keighley
Very, very informative and understandable.
- Helen, Menston
Excellent delivery and content.
- Lindley, Oxford
Trainer was enthusiastic and encouraging.
- NHS, Reading
It was a really good experience being here and I would like to thank and congratulate Andi for delivering this course.
- NHS, Reading
Very interactive and fun with good examples.  I feel better able to ask questions of finance colleagues now.
- NHS, Reading
Very beneficial, really liked the workbook idea.  Explained in simple terms.  Good mix of presentations and group work.
- NHS, Reading
Great day, really enjoyed it.  Will recommend to others.
- Maria, Reading
Excellent, clear, good pace.
- Lorraine, Reading
Very inter-active and fun!
- Dave, Durham
Very well-presented, very good pace and delivery.
- NHS, Durham
Fantastic delivery.
- Kevin, Durham
Excellent course.  Well recommended.
- NHS, Durham
Andi did a great job, showed great subject knowledge and tailored the course to us.
- Mike, Leeds
Excellent presentation.  Good interaction with the audience.  Good balance of presenting and group work.
- NHS, Preston
Thanks for making the content meaningful and relevant.  This will make a difference.
- NHS, Preston
Well delivered & interesting.  Would recommend to others.  Loved all the quotes!
- NHS, Leyland
Great speaker with good tips & insight.
- AAT Conference Delegate, Reading
Thoroughly enjoyed and felt relaxed and comfortable and as a result feel more confident about the business.
- Natalie, Keighley
Very enjoyable.  I will be able to use this training in my career in the short and long term.
- David, Edinburgh
Enjoyed this (workshop) and found really informative.
- Helen, Keighley
Enjoyed upbeat tone of delivery.
- Anon, NHS
Andi was a very interesting business woman to listen to and made the day a lot more enjoyable.
- NHS, Liverpool
Great course, excellent contents, really enjoyed all elements.
- Lisa, Birmingham
Very participative.  Good mix of trainer-led and group activities.
- Stacy, Wigan
Brilliant workshop.  Very informative and feel I can go back to my Trust and pass on what I've learnt.
- Toni, Wigan
Excellent tutor
- Wilma, Edinburgh
Excellent trainer
- Care UK Delegate, Colchester
Andi was superb!
- Care UK Delegate, Colchester
"Great overview of finance, really enjoyed and thought it was really well delivered."
- Andrea, Leeds
"A big sincere thank you for a useful training session. I personally found it very informative and other colleagues found it helpful and enjoyable."
- Asif, Bradford
"Great day - thank you"
- Laura, Cheltenham
"I thought finance was boring but this course has changed my mind!"
- Maureen, Baildon
"That was an absolutely absorbing session."
- Charl, Leeds
"I just wanted to thank you for a thoroughly professional training session"
- Richard, Queensbury
"Really enjoyed the day, thank you"
- Jeff, York
"Very positive & enjoyable day"
- Anna, York
"Excellent work - patience from Andi, thank you!"
- Craig, Rotherham
"Excellent course with great leader!"
- Paul, Huddersfield