Approaching Your Budget


If you’re never quite sure where to start when compiling your budget, here are a few ideas to help:

1. Jack Welch Approach

A personal favourite of mine! Jack simply asks 2 questions:

• How can we beat last year’s performance?
• How can we beat the competition?

An awesome approach!

2. Incremental

You can simply add a % to last year’s results. This is quick and simplistic, however it won’t explore the full potential of your area of the business.

3. Zero-Based Budgeting

You literally start from Ground Zero. You assume nothing about customer behaviour, buying patterns, suppliers etc, and take a completely fresh look at the market place, look at where the company wants to be, who its ideal customers are – a fresh look at everything.

Although times consuming, this can be a very revealing and powerful budgeting technique that could help transform your business.

If this is an overwhelming approach to compiling the budget, zero-base a few revenue or cost lines instead and take a fresh look at different areas of your business unit each year.

I hope this is a good starter for ten for you 🙂


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