Financial Training

The Finance Training Academy provides highly practical and relevant business finance training, workshops and coaching in a fresh, fun and engaging manner to both non-finance business professionals and finance professionals alike.

Why choose us?

  • Money-back guarantee (one-day Finance for Non-Finance Professionals programme & Executive Coaching)
  • Our flagship one-day Finance for Non-Finance Professionals programme is accredited by the CPD Standards Office
  • Fully qualified accountants experienced to Finance Director level
  • Practical skills that can be implemented immediately in the workplace
  • Fun, engaging and interactive training with activities, discussions & quizzes throughout to embed learning
  • Real life examples a-plenty to bring the training to life

Who is our training for?

  • Directors and managers
  • Business owners
  • All sectors – SMEs, corporate, public, charities (same finance rules apply!)

Common Concerns of Financial Training:

“I won’t be able to understand the training – it will be filled with jargon.”
All training is delivered in clear, plain English with a full jargon-buster provided. Our trainers have a natural way with people and puts them at ease from the start.
“I’m worried there will be lots of maths involved and I hated maths at school”
There is very little maths in our training courses. We look at the ‘story’ the numbers are telling us and bring the numbers to life.
“Finance training – how boring!”
Count how many times the word “enjoy” or “fun” comes up on our Testimonials page! Finance is brought to life in an engaging and informative way.

Remember, we’re here to build your confidence and skills not destroy them!

All course training is taken step by step and tailored to the needs of the group.

Fun Finance Quiz!