Training Courses for Non-Finance Managers & Professionals

  • Want to become F.A.B. at Finance (Financially Awesome in Business)?

  • Want to know what your finance team are talking about when delivering the numbers?

  • Keen to feel more confident with your numbers and all that bizarre financial jargon?

Who wouldn’t want this?!

Understanding the financials has never been more vital for the leaders and managers of organisations.

Better, more informed decisions follow resulting in improved profits, cash flow and a financially stronger & healthier organisation.

All our courses below are run by energetic, fully-qualified accountants who are experienced to Finance Director or equivalent. Crucially, they speak in ‘normal English’ & make it easy – & fun! – to understand.

Typical testimonials:

  • “Trainer was FANTASTIC – I’ve never met anyone with such a passion for Finance. Her enthusiasm was infectious!  Exceeded expectations!” – Curtis, London
  • “Idiots guide to finance enabling me to influence decisions & understand finance better.” – Mark, West Yorkshire
  • “Brilliant trainer, very informative, knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the subject matter. Brought the topic to life.” – Care UK, Manchester




We have been delivering these courses below to many thousands of non-finance professionals around the UK and Europe for the likes of:

Academy for Chief Executives


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And, in partnership with other training providers:

Care UK


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