Relationship Building for Influence & Impact

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Relationship Building for Influence & Impact

If you work with people and want to know how to get the best out of those relationships then, whether you are leading, managing, recruiting, selling or motivating, applying DISC will maximise performance and minimise the frustrations.

If you have ever found yourself bemused by the action or decisions of others and wondered “why do they do that?” or “what were they thinking?” then DISC reveals what was going on under the surface.

The DISCovery Workshop is an interactive day which helps you to unlock the conundrum of what makes people do what they do.  This day will enable you to understand people in minutes instead of months and will help you transform your relationships with people at work, with your peers, your friends and family.

By the end of this event, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the DISC profiling model & your individual preferences
  • Explore the DISC behavioural drivers that influence people to do what they do
  • Recognise the 4 basic DISC styles and use this to set goals and approach challenges
  • Identify how to use DISC to motivate yourself and others to manage fears and maximise performance
  • Learn how to adapt your communication to get your message heard
  • Recognise the elements of the 4 styles that can trigger conflicts and how to handle that
  • Learn how to modify your own style to get the best out of your relationships

Suitable for:

  • Finance professionals who want better results, productivity and engagement through leveraging improved work relationships.

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