Excellent bubbly & engaging presenter.  Vast range of practical and personal experience to share with participants.  Opened eyes to thinking about audience more.  Good tips to consider re-presenting numbers effectively.
- David, BBC Cardiff
Andi really is a fabulous speaker; a real ambassador to the world of finance and business.
- WLA Delegate, London
I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar - I came away with some great ideas for taking this agenda forwards with my teams and I learn a lot about presenting in an engaging and dynamic way from excellent facilitators like you. Thank you!
- Nestle / CIMA Event, Gatwick
Engaging, interesting, dynamic
- CIMA Conference Delegate, London
Inspiring session with good interactive approach, made you think and act.
- CIMA Delegate, London
Fantastic trainer who motivates whole class and kept everyone's interest throughout, excellent use of activities to help understanding and develop skills.
- NHS, London
Andi excelled at invigorating everyone!  The event went incredibly well and early feedback from the attendees has been very positive.
- GFA (Govt Finance Academy), London
Energised, upbeat, interesting.  Not too fast, able to ask questions and recap.  (I will now) be more confident, feel less of a fraud.
- Mel, Keighley
Excellent energy, bubbly and fun presenter.  Kept the energy high and engaged.
- RES Group Delegate, Hertfordshire
Extremely useful and can see many ways that this training will be beneficial in the workplace.
- Rachel, Durham
I very much enjoyed your instructional style and your breadth of knowledge which coupled with your vast experience brought the subject to life.  Your enthusiasm was infectious.
- Barry, Manchester
Very interactive and very well delivered.  Excellent!
- Sabesh, Munich
Andi, keep going, you are energetic and brilliant, inspiring us to participate.
- Andrea, Munich
Very effective course for explaining the basics of finance.  Excellent, knowledgeable and entertaining trainer.
- Mark, Runcorn
Andi was a fantastic and knowledgeable trainer.  Thank you!
- Nick, London
This was one of the best training days I have attended in years and it was great that everyone was at ease and fully participated.
- Tracey, Horsham
Superbly delivered an interactive and interesting course.  Andi brought it to life.
- Sean, Dublin
Was great to have a knowledgeable trainer with real-world experience and expertise along with a strong ability to communicate concepts.
- Andrew, Dublin
Trainer was FANTASTIC - I've never met anyone with such a passion for finance.  Her enthusiasm was infectious!!  Exceeded expectations!
- Curtis, London
Excellent course, professionally delivered, with a smile!
- James, Halifax
Really enjoyed the way the trainer brought the subject to life.
- Mark, Manchester
Very engaging session - pitched at the right level and started some genuine conversations about better financial management within the company.
- Emma, High Wycombe
Excellent content and delivery, constantly engaging and the day flew by.
- Jim, Gatwick
If you run a business and wonder why you never seem to have any cash, you need to do this workshop.  I had some real 'light-bulb' moments!
- Mark, York
Delivery and presentation FAB!  Interactive and engaging.  Great day, thank you!
- Liz, Reading
Brilliant!  Very knowledgeable trainer & perfectly explained.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thoughts.
- Helen, Leeds
Thoroughly enjoyable, very relevant, useful & thought-provoking
- Mark, Brighouse
Andi Lonnen - a truly natural speaker of great talent who kept us all enthralled about finance of all things!
- Ilkley Business Forum
Excellent content on course.  Delivered in a really professional, clear & engaging manner.
- NHS, Leyland
A highly enjoyable and informative session with an excellent presenter (thanks to Andi) and excellent engagement from all the delegates.
- NHS, Gatwick
Very informative, format/content very good - trainer exceptional
- Care UK, Manchester
Andi was a brilliant trainer, very informative, knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the subject matter.  She brought the topic alive.
- Care UK, Manchester
Excellent training that has motivated me to work towards implementing this role in the organisation.
- Carol, Leeds
Andi's balance of theoretical and practical experience provided a fantastic foundation for exploiting discussions and interactions of thought.  Excellent, thank you.
- John, Halifax
Andi had a great style of teaching, built up excellent rapport with all delegates and had a great interaction with all.  Fun and interesting to listen & work with!
- Jonathan, Morecambe
Excellent course delivery, good pace for the day.  ('From Bean Counter to Business Partner' workshop) helped with motivation and confidence.
- Jennifer, Stockport
It was excellent.  Thanks Andi, thoroughly enjoyed the day!
- Phillippa, Birmingham
"Andi was very engaging & actually managed to make finance sound fun! (no idea how!)"
- Veronica, Bradford
"I really enjoyed the course. Andi was very helpful and friendly. I'm much more confident now."
- Jayne, Manchester
"Andi was very enjoyable to listen to. She had a full understanding and knowledge of finance."
- Sharon, Glasgow
"Finance for idiots - perfect!"
- Dan, Ripley
"Great pace, great trainer, making finance interesting. Thanks Andi!"
- Andy, London
"Excellent course, well presented - great understanding of the basics of accounting"
- Simon, Telford
"Excellent trainer."
- Tam, Edinburgh
"Great to hear financial info in an interesting & energetic environment. Great delivery - thank you!"
- Suzanne, Ilkley
"Thoroughly enjoyed the interactive element and being able to relate my role in the firm to the course content."
- Ben, Newcastle
Presented very well in an entertaining way
- Will, Cardiff
I learned a lot at your session, it was very informative.
- CIMA Scotland Delegate
Engaging presenter, helpful content, very helpful for role.
- Hitesh, Shropshire
Learnt a huge amount.  Lovely, personable & knowledgeable lady, great trainer.
- WLA Delegate, London
Brilliant talk, I have so much more insight into what the financial reports mean and can now dig in and ask sensible questions.
- Academy for Chief Executives Delegate, London
Andi's delivery kept the subject engaging.  Got some core concepts across very effectively, maintained interest and energy successfully such that the morning whizzed past.
- Academy for Chief Executives Delegate, London
Made a dry topic interesting and engaging.
- Academy for Chief Executives Delegate, London
Andi used great personal experiences as examples, discussed scenarios using worldwide examples so it was easier to relate and go away with ideas.
- CIMA Conference Delegate, London
Excellent presenter, kept us engaged with useful activities
- CIMA Conference Delegate, London
Excellent engagement and content.
- Nicki, Bangor
Fun, interactive & informative.  Great, so enthusiastic & knowledgeable!
- Sarah, Bangor
Brilliant course, well delivered in a way which didn't leave me 'swamped' with info.  Thank you !!!
- Yorkshire Ambulance, Wakefield
Excellent delivery in subject.
- Les Ambassadeurs Club, London
A very informative and enjoyable course.
- Les Ambassadeurs Club, London
Great presenter.  Pitched it well and made it fun.  I've been on many courses like this and this is the first not to feel patronising or judgemental - just very informative.  Thank you!
- Jane, Fife
So many points that I can take back into the workplace and apply to add value.
- Sarah, Telford
Excellent, very engaging and aimed at the right level.
- NHS, Cardiff
ACCA Women's South East Panel would like to thank Andi Lonnen for delivering such an energetic and interactive session on Saturday.
Feeling positive about what I do when I left the conference.
- GFA Delegate, London
Top notch.
- Joe, Gatwick
Effective and very enjoyable course - even the presentation!
- Joanne, Gatwick
Very good training.  Interactive, engaging and full of humour.
- Sade, Gatwick
Well thought out content and exercises.  Very enthusiastic in the topics and presentation.
- Sarhi, Gatwick
- Sheetal, Gatwick
Very relevant content and interactive workshop.
- Andy, Gatwick
Andi was great - very enthusiastic and actually has a finance background which helped.
- Alexandra, Gatwick
Very interesting and useful training.  Relevant to my role in NHS.
- Sabina, Gatwick
The trainer was excellent.  10/10.
- Rita, London
Very good delivery.  Enjoyable.
- Samantha, Wakefield
Excellent content & delivery.
- Anne, Yorkshire
Excellent, engaging delivery.  Fun and informative.
- Victoria, Yorkshire
Very good, found it very useful and interesting.
- Gillian, Wigan
Really useful course, well delivered with good techniques and take aways.
- NHS, North West
Excellent course - very informative and enjoyable.  Thank you.
- Helen, Durham
Well presented - kept me engaged all day.
- NHS, Durham
Loved it, well done.  Great delivery, very positive approach.
- Linsey, Durham
The fact that Andi has a finance background helps with relating the topic to finance staff.
- Anne, Durham
Very enjoyable and made me think about the style and not just content of presentations.
- Darren, Durham
Very informative.
- George, Bromley
Very productive in how things were explained and how to reead accounts more efficiently to help tell a story of the business.  10/10.
- Lucy, Bromley
Great way to understand finance.  Highly recommended course.
- Ross, Runcorn
Very informative.  Lovely trainer with a friendly approach :-) . Kept it fun and interesting.
- NHS, Nottingham
Amazing level of enthusiasm, made it very interesting and enjoyable.
- RES Group Delegate, Hertfordshire
Very enthusiastic delivery.
- RES Group Delegate, Hertfordshire
Great delivery.  Went into the course with usual thoughts of 2 day course on finance but everything was perfect.  Thanks!
- RES Group Delegate, Hertfordshire
Excellent course, well delivered.  Great interaction with the group.
- Louise, Durham
Excellent course.  Highly recommended.
- Julie, Durham
Andi's knowledge of content was very impressive.  Tools and techniques will help me in future.  Good balance between theory and practical.  Enjoyed the day :-)
- Graham, Durham
Lovely and friendly approach.  Well measured content.  Good pace.  Thanks :-)  
- Kris, Durham
Very engaging & brought finance to life, made the subject enjoyable.
- Clare, Runcorn
Very engaging and brought finance to life, made the subject enjoyable.
- Clare, Runcorn
Andi was very professional and was able to connect training to my activities which helped understanding.  Work with her again when needed!
- Christophe, Cheltenham
Excellent delivery - good mix of talking and doing.
- Joann, Wakefield
Great delivery in an informal relaxing way.
- Janet, Wakefield
Enjoyable, inter-active day without causing embarrassment or being put on the spot.
- Melanie, Wakefield
Great trainer, thanks for making it enjoyable.
- Louise, Runcorn
Delivery of course was excellent and made a dry subject very interesting.
- Vinny, Dublin
Andi's style of training is fab.
- NHS, Crewe
Well structured, very informative, very good group workshops, motivational, enjoyable and fun!
- NHS, Newbury
Andi was an excellent, engaged presenter.
- NHS, Newbury
Andi is a very clear trainer and makes the training enjoyable.
- Christina, London
Very engaging and interesting.
- NHS, Birmingham
Excellent facilitation
- NHS, Birmingham
Enthusiastic, engaging, made the subject enjoyable.
- NHS, Birmingham
The course exceeded my expectations.
- Stef, Winnersh
Great course.  Well delivered.  Exceeded expectations.
- Daisy, Winnersh
Great course, enjoyed it immensely.
- Andrea, Crewe
Fantastic & engaging delivery.  Really enjoyed it, thanks.
- NHS, Crewe
Excellent course, really useful for my role.  Would recommend to colleagues.
- Michaela, Crewe
The tutor has given practical examples and helped us to understand a subject which we felt very nervous about.  I feel very confident and comfortable.
- Suresh, Nottingham
Very enjoyable course that has helped me to understand finance a lot more.  Great pace and a trainer who was very engaging and willing to be flexible.
- Mark, Nottingham
Andi is a great trainer - very personable and explains things well to those with no idea (without being patronising) and is very engaging!
- Grace, High Wycombe
Andi was a great trainer.
- Jan, High Wycombe
Brilliant, made it very easy to take in.
- Lisa, Hampshire
Great course, well presented and delivered - it all made perfect sense.
- Marion, Gatwick
The session flowed well, none seemed to drag.  I found it both helpful and enjoyable.
- NHS, Gatwick
Excellent delivery, very engaging.  Good level of group activity and presentations.
- Clare, Gatwick
Excellent - varied and energetic presentation.  Empathetic!
- NHS, Gatwick
Great tutor.  Would recommend this training.
- Richard, York
Informative, enjoyable workshop.
- Sharon, Keighley
Very, very informative and understandable.
- Helen, Menston
Excellent delivery and content.
- Lindley, Oxford
Trainer was enthusiastic and encouraging.
- NHS, Reading
It was a really good experience being here and I would like to thank and congratulate Andi for delivering this course.
- NHS, Reading
Very interactive and fun with good examples.  I feel better able to ask questions of finance colleagues now.
- NHS, Reading
Very beneficial, really liked the workbook idea.  Explained in simple terms.  Good mix of presentations and group work.
- NHS, Reading
Great day, really enjoyed it.  Will recommend to others.
- Maria, Reading
Excellent, clear, good pace.
- Lorraine, Reading
Very inter-active and fun!
- Dave, Durham
Very well-presented, very good pace and delivery.
- NHS, Durham
Fantastic delivery.
- Kevin, Durham
Excellent course.  Well recommended.
- NHS, Durham
Andi did a great job, showed great subject knowledge and tailored the course to us.
- Mike, Leeds
Excellent presentation.  Good interaction with the audience.  Good balance of presenting and group work.
- NHS, Preston
Thanks for making the content meaningful and relevant.  This will make a difference.
- NHS, Preston
Well delivered & interesting.  Would recommend to others.  Loved all the quotes!
- NHS, Leyland
Great speaker with good tips & insight.
- AAT Conference Delegate, Reading
Thoroughly enjoyed and felt relaxed and comfortable and as a result feel more confident about the business.
- Natalie, Keighley
Very enjoyable.  I will be able to use this training in my career in the short and long term.
- David, Edinburgh
Enjoyed this (workshop) and found really informative.
- Helen, Keighley
Enjoyed upbeat tone of delivery.
- Anon, NHS
Andi was a very interesting business woman to listen to and made the day a lot more enjoyable.
- NHS, Liverpool
Great course, excellent contents, really enjoyed all elements.
- Lisa, Birmingham
Very participative.  Good mix of trainer-led and group activities.
- Stacy, Wigan
Brilliant workshop.  Very informative and feel I can go back to my Trust and pass on what I've learnt.
- Toni, Wigan
Excellent tutor
- Wilma, Edinburgh
Excellent trainer
- Care UK Delegate, Colchester
Andi was superb!
- Care UK Delegate, Colchester
"Great overview of finance, really enjoyed and thought it was really well delivered."
- Andrea, Leeds
"A big sincere thank you for a useful training session. I personally found it very informative and other colleagues found it helpful and enjoyable."
- Asif, Bradford
"Great day - thank you"
- Laura, Cheltenham
"I thought finance was boring but this course has changed my mind!"
- Maureen, Baildon
"That was an absolutely absorbing session."
- Charl, Leeds
"I just wanted to thank you for a thoroughly professional training session"
- Richard, Queensbury
"Really enjoyed the day, thank you"
- Jeff, York
"Very positive & enjoyable day"
- Anna, York
"Excellent work - patience from Andi, thank you!"
- Craig, Rotherham
"Excellent course with great leader!"
- Paul, Huddersfield
Inspiring, change the way I present financial information to make it more engaging.  Brilliant & engaging session. (Communicating Financial Information Effectively)
- Zaahid, Telford
Absolutely fantastic session & has inspired me to go away & learn more about finance.  The best part was 'what to do with the financial statements' - no one has ever explained what use they are to anyone other than accountants before.
- WLA Delegate, London
Fresh, practical & useful session with plenty of tips & audience participation
- CIMA Conference Delegate, London
Excellent delivery of key points, good blend of partner interactions, reviewing models with real life examples.  A very engaging speaker!
- CIMA Delegate, London
Firstly, thank you for an inspiring session on last week’s training course. I found it very useful. I’m glad I signed up for these refresher emails. These reminders are perfect for focussing and keeping inspired.
- Wendy, London
Some excellent ideas to take back and use in the work place.
- Lisa, Shropshire
Just wanted to say how inspirational your course was this week.  I haven't heard anyone present in such an engaging way as you, the time just went!
- Christine, Leeds
Thank you Andi!  You made something my accountant has been trying to explain for NINE YEARS easy to understand!!! :-)  
- Joy, WLA Webinar
Excellent training and delivery, really enjoyed the day.  Reminds me of the business partner I want to be and inspires me to improve my techniques.
- Claire, Durham
Andi was an excellent presenter, extremely engaging and the way activities were mixed helped keep it exciting.  Feeling inspired.
- Fiona, Durham
The training was perfect!  No improvement possible.
- Kristina, Munich
Go on this way.  Brilliant!  This style - perfect!
- AnneMarie, Munich
Trainer was absolutely excellent.
- Kodjo, Runcorn
Brilliant course, easy to understand.  Excellent communication skills - delivery was understandable and fun!
- Emma, Runcorn
Andi is an excellent trainer.  Her enthusiasim was infectious and made the entire course enjoyable.
- David, Edinburgh
Thorough, friendly & fun environment created by Andi - thanks!
- Eddie, Runcorn
Fantastic trainer.  Managed to make extremely enjoyable a topic that could initially come across as boring.
- Mica, Dublin
Brilliant engaging trainer, clearly passionate about imparting knowledge to others.
- NHS, Newbury
Andi was a very good trainer, incredibly enthusiastic and made finance fun!  Adapted anecdotes well to articulate points.
- Claire, London
Excellent tutor, I would recommend her to anyone.
- Ian, Manchester
Thanks for making numbers fun!
- Jonny, York
Brilliant trainer in Andi - very enthusiastic, engaging, patient & dealt with questions very well.
- Nikki, High Wycombe
Outstanding!  Very engaging.  Would definitely recommend to colleagues.
- Rebecca, East Grinstead
Great pace and energy from Andi.  Empowering!  Thanks so much Andi!
- Sue, Keighley
Excellent content.  Style of delivery is one of the best I have experienced.
- NHS, Durham
Very impressed with Andi.  She clearly knows her stuff and tailored the content and style of delivery to suit the audience very well.
- Rich, Leeds
A technique-packed session in a well-presented, supportive environment
- Andrew, Brighouse
Fabulous course, excellent delivery and pace, amazing knowledge!
- Stephen, Rochdale
Really enjoyed the level of interaction and the numerous quotes to back up learning, fantastic!  Cannot wait to use on my colleagues!
- Katie, Preston
This was by far the best workshop I attended - Andi was excellent.
- AAT Conference Delegate, Reading
Never met such an excellent tutor - she had done an amazing job on us all.
- Care UK, Manchester
It was by far the best course I have been on in a long time.
- Christine, West Yorkshire
Delivery was excellent, very passionate about subject and this helped to stay engaged throughout.  Practical exercises helped understand points.
- Tamanna, Birmingham
Andi was full of energy and really motivated me to feel that I can do this!
- Laura, Liverpool
Excellent course, really enjoyed your enthusiasm.  ('From Bean Counter to Business Partner' workshop helped with) motivation, rapport building and looking at the bigger picture.
- Lynne, Liverpool
Motivating course, will improve skillset and confidence.
- Karen, Salford
Andi's total enthusiasm for the topic and engagement was TOTALLY infectious!  It made such a difference to our learning and I felt confident in asking questions.  I think her approach made the group gel very quickly so we learnt a great deal from each other quickly as we all felt confident and able to be completely honest about what we did and didn't know.
- Care UK Delegate, Colchester
"Andi was fantastic. She was a very good listener and very supportive. Fantastic training was provided."
- Manjit, Leeds
"I was enlightened enjoyed the finance course, it was a real eye-opener. Well presented, Andi was very enthusiastic & approachable"
- Chris, Leeds
"Training was excellent. Enoyable course. Brilliant. Thank you."
- Amanda, Crewe
"Really enjoyed the training and Andi is great in her knowledge and delivery. Would recommend for future training."
- Vicki, Birmingham
"Excellent delivery, real life examples a-plenty. Thought the course was excellent, exceeded my expectations."
- Jon, Bradford
"Idiots guide to finance, enabling me to influence decisions & understand finance better"
- Mark, Bradford
"I really enjoyed the session , very engaging, simple & really beneficial."
- Patrick, York
"Andi was absolutely fantastic and enthusiastic all the way through. She knows her subject."
- Priya, London
"Very engaging course. I found it extremely informative, it will help with my current position & I now have greater confidence in discussing financial statements."
- Rod, Coventry
Very fruitful presentation.  Good course to boost your confidence.
- Vinesh, London
Thank you for your excellent workshop on Business Partnering at today’s CIMA Scotland conference. Looking forward to putting some of my learnings into practice.
- CIMA Scotland Conference Delegate
An upbeat & engaging session on Finance - I wanted to hear more!
- WLA Delegate, London
Outstanding!  We need way more Andi's in this world!
- WLA Delegate, London
Really good overview, engaging and interesting.
- Academy for Chief Executives Delegate, London
Valuable insight in reviewing financial information at Board meetings.
- Academy for Chief Executives Delegate, London
Really enjoyed the session.  Great insight into P&L and balance sheets.
- Academy for Chief Executives Delegate, London
Very informative & thought provoking
- CIMA Conference Delegate, London
As always with Andi, great session.  Very dynamic and inspirational.
- CIMA Delegate, London
Tutor very knowledgeable, relatable & enthusiastic.
- Kelly, Bangor
Excellent content with a very knowledgeable tutor.  Well done Sophie.
- Yorkshire Ambulance, Wakefield
Very well lead.  Good at holding attention of an intense subject.
- Yorkshire Ambulance, Wakefield
Fantastic delivery!!  Easy to relate to and down to earth delivery.  An overview and building block to understanding (finance) without feeling daft!
- Les Ambassadeurs Club, London
A really enjoyable and informative course.  It has given a solid platform for further understanding and learning.  Great delivery and content.
- Les Ambassadeurs Club, London
Andi's energy was fabulous in what could be a very dry subject.  Thank you.
- Chris, Fife
Andi was amazing.  Putting things across clearly in a format easy to understand.  Infectious & Interactive :-)  
- Zaahid, Telford
Excellent.  Effective course, very well presented.  Thanks.
- NHS, Cardiff
It has inspired me to focus more on my career.
- GFA Delegate, London
Motivating content.
- GFA Delegate, London
Excellent course - presented at right level - great interaction.
- Jackie, Gatwick
Excellent course, really informative and helpful!
- NHS, Gatwick
Loved the content and the enthusiasm of the trainer.  Andi is very motivational.
- Sheron, Gatwick
Brilliant course.  Very interactive.  Kept me engaged all day.
- Tracey, Gatwick
Excellent course and good participation from group that put it into context.
- Linda, Gatwick
Enjoyed as was inspiring.
- Matt, Gatwick
Loved it!
- Jim, Gatwick
Brilliant!  Thanks a lot.  I got keen to do my CIMA course now.
- Sushant, London
Great with the mini workshops and interactive sessions.
- Sarah, Wakefield
Very engaging course.
- Neil, Yorkshire
Very professional and competent.
- Perry, Yorkshire
Fantastic course.  Should be provided to all NHS staff.
- Shameem, Wakefield
Excellent materials/content & delivery.  Enjoyed it!
- Ken, NHS North West
Very upbeat.  Good mix of activities.
- Dawn, NHS North West
Really enjoyed content and delivery.  Even interaction not intimidating.
- Gillian, Durham
Enthusiastic & engaging.
- Wendy, Durham
Enjoyed the day very much.  Will consider the feelings/thoughts of others more.
- Andrew, Durham
Excellent content.  Great style of delivery.  Maintained interest in topic.
- NHS, Durham
Excellent session.  Would encourage colleagues to attend.
- NHS, Durham
Interesting course delivered at a manageable pace.  Thank you. 10/10.
- Amy, Bromley
Superb delivery from an obvious expert with good relevant stories and great energy.
- Roger, Bromley
Thank you - great trainer.  Re-energised.
- NHS, Nottingham
Very informative and great exercises.  Great varied delivery.
- Catherine, Durham
Great level of enthusiasm.
- RES Group Delegate, Hertfordshire
Very enthusiastic trainer who kept my interest in what could otherwise have been a dry subject.
- RES Group Delegate, Hertfordshire
It was truly hand on and interactive hence very stimulating and engaging.
- NHS, London
Andi is very engaging.  She is great at delivering the content.
- Paula, Durham
Andi was excellent - engaging throughout the day and never lost the groups attention.
- Daniel, Durham
Very enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, good variation of practical and tutorial.
- Keith, Durham
Great, friendly delivery.
- Helen, Durham
I very much enjoyed your instructional style and your breadth of knowledge, which coupled with your vast experience brought the subject to life.  Your enthusiasm was infectious.
- Barry, Manchester
Andi is a fantastic tutor!  I look forward to the next course!
- Evan, Edinburgh
I really enjoyed the day and feel it has been very beneficial, very happy.  (Credit Control Skills)
- Jess, Leeds
Excellent content & delivery.
- Angela, Wakefield
Really energetic.  Kept audience interested all the time.
- Lyndsey, Wakefield
Great, friendly, engaging presentation.
- Louise, Wakefield
Very much enjoyed the course and Andi's delivery.
- Mireia, Dublin
Andi was extremely enthusiastic and really helpful.
- NHS, Crewe
Andi Lonnen was very engaging and made the day fun, interesting and a great use of tim.
- NHS, Crewe
A very worthwhile course, good content and very informative.
- NHS, Newbury
Andi is very engaging and enthusiastic.  Having an informed, experienced trainer makes a huge difference to the value-added and confidence gained from this course - thank you.
- Amy, London
Far more interesting day than I had anticipated.
- NHS, Birmingham
Sensible and organised.
- NHS, Birmingham
Very relaxed and inter-active.
- NHS, Birmingham
Enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly
- NHS, Birmingham
Really enjoyed the training.  Andi was really engaging.  Thanks.
- Stuart, Reading
Course was both fun and informative.  Very enjoyable 2 days and very well presented. 10/10.
- Tony, Winnersh
Excellent presentation.  I found it really useful and the pace was right.
- NHS, Crewe
Excellent, really enjoyable.
- Catherine, Crewe
Andi's style of delivery is great - the mini working in groups & questions helped to think/contribute to the day.
- Asi, Crewe
Great course, pitched at exactly the right level for the delegates and presented in an interesting and engaging way.  Thank you!
- Matt, Nottingham
Training was really well delivered and tailored to our specific needs.  The trainer also made the training great fun!
- Gavin, Nottingham
Brilliant course - thank you!
- Marie, High Wycombe
Wish it was 2 days so I could learn more finances as its very interesting.
- Leah, Eastleigh
Excellent delivery, thank you - confident and flowing.
- Lauren, Maidstone
Excellent, well informed workshop!
- Jonathan, Gatwick
Very enjoyable course, extremely well delivered.  Helped me by articulating a lot of concepts.
- Mike, Gatwick
Andi's method/style was both engaging and interesting.  Really enjoyed the course.
- Michelle, Gatwick
A very practical course.  Time flew by.
- Chris, Crawley
Fabulous session!
- Heather, Keighley
Excellent presentation, approach & style
- Lisa, Leeds
Very enjoyable - good mix of practical instruction and doing/talking workshop.
- Alison, Reading
The presentation was very strong.
- NHS, Reading
Good fun - will take many suggestions on board.
- NHS, Reading
A very useful and well-presented course.
- NHS, Reading
Great day, really helpful!  Will recommend to others.  Thank you.
- NHS, Reading
Enjoyed the day.  Some very useful takeaways that will be of immediate benefit.
- NHS, Reading
Very well balanced with inter-action and exercises.
- Sarah, Reading
Engaging style - pertinent anecdotes
- Jonathan, Reading
Thoroughly enjoyed the course - one of the best attended!  Clear and understandable.
- Sue, Durham
Great presentation style, thank you, I really enjoyed the day.
- NHS, Durham
I enjoyed the course very much and have a lot of new ideas to take back to the work environment.
- Jo, Durham
The delivery was excellent.  A really useful and valuable course.
- NHS, Durham
Very comprehensive and easy to follow, full of useful tips.
- Tasnim, Brighouse
Style of delivery was very good - it didn't feel intimidating at all.
- NHS, Leyland
Very engaging & learnt loads!
- NHS, Preston
Andi did a fantastic job in delivery and was engaging.
- NHS Finance, Gatwick
I found your keynote on the delivery of financial information to be very informative & intriguing.  I particularly enjoyed the interaction with the audience and I will be taking tips from your method of communication and details from your session. (NHS North West Student Conference)
- Samuel, Kendal
Andi is a great trainer who I will not have problems recommending to others.
- Jon, Birmingham
A great overview of finance.  Andi was very helpful and enthusiastic which added to my enjoyment.  I would look at using again for other employees in the future.
- Alex, Bridgenorth
Enjoyable and friendly delivery, dispelled any nerves I had about the content of the course being beyond my understanding.
- James, Keighley
Excellent presentation, a thoroughly enjoyable day.
- James, Blackpool
Andi was great and made everything easy to understand.
- Zara, Birmingham
Lovely, lively and interactive
- Andrea, Liverpool
Brilliant course, kept focused all day.
- Laura, Merseyside
Very good delivery, kept everyone engaged throughout the day.
- Maria, Liverpool
Excellent course, well presented, good use of experience.  Would recommend to others!
- Martyn, Weston-Super-Mare
The trainer was very knowledgeable and made the entire course not only do-able but enjoyable
- Care UK Delegate, Colchester
"Andi Lonnen - just excellent really.  Friendly and approachable, made a maths subject interesting and more importantly understandable."
- Care UK Delegate, Colchester
"Thanks for a great course. I found the course very useful, providing me with lots of new info, re-aligning some current practise & validating others. I would happily recommend it to others for its energy and currency."
- Mark, Leeds
"Very good knowledge, lots of anecdotes that make it easier to understand."
- Brad, Leeds
"Very good course for non-finance"
- Tahira, Bradford
"The session was very informative and Andi did an excellent presentation."
- Lisa, Bingley
"Thanks for your excellent presentation, I gained a great deal from it, much more than I was anticipating."
- Mark, Barnsley
"Andi was very organised and managed each session to an amazing standard."
- Leeds Met student
"I really enjoyed the day, very useful"
- Kate, Gloucester
"This program is pitched & delivered just at the right level - hit the mark for me!"
- Chris, Bingley
"Excellent course thank you Andi!"
- John, London