Be Fabulous at Finance – the Book!

Written in a jargon-free, straightforward manner, ‘Be Fabulous at Finance’ answers questions frequently asked by business owners, such as:

  • How can I get customers to pay me on time?
  • How can I manage & improve my cash flow?
  • How can I understand & improve my profitability

“‘Be Fabulous at Finance’ by Andi Lonnen is a MUST read for all business owners, not only small business, Directors of large companies too; since it brings home the importance of running a fiscally tight ship. An easy read, it’s clear to me that Andi’s written down the nuggets from her vast & valuable experience.”

“This little book is packed with common sense, easy to understand advice and tips. If you’d starting out in business or if you want to understand how to run your finances more easily, then this book is for you!”

“A great book, really practical, straightforward and easy to read. Highly recommended for the non-accountants amongst us!”

“This pocket size book is a gem for those business owners responsible for managing their own cash flow and finances. It isn’t full of jargon, it’s written in plain English meaning you don’t need any accountancy qualifications to get the maximum benefit from this book. Highly recommended!”

“Some solid gold, business growth tips are given. There was even more in there than I expected, and particularly enjoyed the practical advice. It was all easy enough for even me to understand, as a “Business Technician” personality who is generally scared of finance!”

“I am glued to your book, love it, its really easy to understand, very impressed!”